·         Born in Kimberley in the Northern Cape region of South Africa.

    ·         A bon-fide triple threat... Actress, Performer and Business Woman

    ·         Fluent in the Afrikaans language as well as speaks, reads and writes in both English and Setswana Presents a poise and continental look as an Actress and Leading Influencer that appeals to a local and International market.

    ·         In 2001 she was a Top 5 Finalist for “Miss South Africa Teen” and later that year was crowned “Miss Kaizer Chiefs”.

    ·         Her success continued when she entered “South African IDOLS” Season 6 and was placed in the Top 10, serving notice to South Africa that a new talent was born.

    ·         In the months following, she was cast in her first Feature Film for the African Dance movie “ZION”. Through ongoing success and strong credibility, a leading role in the local Soap Production “The Wild”, for S.A’s Subscription-Funded Channel, M-NET, saw Gail become a household name and brand with acclaimed equity and sought after by a multitude of industry players.

    ·         With the ability and diversity to adapt to any role, she was then offered a new character profile for the 2013 production , “ROCKVILLE”, screened on local S.A. channel – Mzansi Magic.

    ·         Finding a balance in life is important for Gail and she takes time to relax through exploring her creative musical talents with some of S.A’s leading producers and composers, always challenging herself to keep ahead of the Industry.

    ·         Time is well spent with Voice & Acting Coaches to constantly grow and experience all areas of her Acting for future productions and character roles both locally and internationally.

    ·         In March 2012 Gail was proudly announced as the First South-African “Face-Of”, International beauty Brand “”OLAY”.

    ·         In August 2013, she became the Ambassador and spokesperson as the “Face-of” the number one seller of ethnic hair colour in South Africa, “INECTO PLUS”. A fully endorsed TVC, Print copy and campaigns were headed up by Gail for the Brand.

    ·         Both the Country, her fans and followers as well as the Industry, admire and acknowledge her talent, coupled with a personality and aura that has demanded attention from Production Houses to Radio Stations.

    ·         Her career is celebrated through multiple platforms within the entertainment industry. The Covers for leading publications Cosmopolitan, Womens Health, True Love, Bona and 4Change, to name but a few, have been graced by Gail, with features and interviews shared in extensive Magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Grazia and Marie-Claire, speaking of her career and relevancy.

    ·         Her talent, adorned and respected throughout the African Continent, has given Gail the experience to now extend to and share her diversity and appeal with an International Audience.



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At a very young age, I learned the importance of self-love, self appreciation and self-motivation! That where I was going and how the world was going to see me was solely dependent on how I see myself! I learned that ‘people treat us the way we allow them to’ and that ‘we are only as happy/successful/beautiful/kind as we make up our minds to be’. I also noticed that ‘no-one can make you feel inadequate or inferior unless you allow it’.

As I became older, I came to see many people around me, within my circles, have a negative image and view of themselves. People I love don’t know the power of the spoken word! We often hear people utter things like: ‘I AM ugly’; ‘I AM fat’; ‘I AM broke’; ‘I AM stupid’; ‘I AM tired’; ‘I AM sick’ … very few people say ‘I AM beautiful; I AM successful; I AM rich; ‘I AM blessed’ … we forget that whatever we feed, grows.

Looking back at my own life, I realize that everything I have achieved was a result of my thoughts, which became my spoken word…so there is power in the tongue, I want to share with everyone I know!!!

I AM… presents for the power in discovering who and what each of us are able to become ... and who we truly are. This CSI initiative will encourage all persons and communities reached out to, to watch what they say of themselves...because as Margaret Thatcher said, our thoughts, ultimately become our destiny...what we think, we become!

I AM aspires to be the foundation responsible for giving individuals the power to realise that they can become whatever they make up their minds to become! I do this because I AM blessed to be a blessing; I AM woman; yes I AM flawed and scarred; but I AM strong and brave and whole; I AM alive, I AM worth it; I AM smart and free; I AM love...I AM GAIL


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